White Ice Cream of Bright Imaginations.
With our understanding that adopts modern methods and innovative ideas, we are working with all our strength to make our name a symbol of quality and trust in Turkey and abroad.
We are increasing our power and spread area in the sector and adding a new one among our brands. With our name Beyaz Dondurma, we serve the famous ice cream of Kahramanmaraş to our country with wide logistics facilities.
Not only as an ice cream brand, but also as a representative of a culture that has been going on for centuries, we are taking firm steps forward.
We plan to continue this understanding inherited to us as long as we exist, and we are proud to introduce a value of Turkey, with pride.
As AKDO, we continue to value our employees as a corporation, invest in their development and renew every day to become a brand that they are proud to work with.
If you want to work with us, you can contact us via the number below.
(Dealership-Wholesale) (0533) 190 51 00
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